Show Your Connections Some Love in 2016

By now most people have at least set up their LinkedIn profiles. Some may have taken their use of the network a step further and actively pursued new connections. Others might even contribute regularly to the discussions in the groups they’ve joined.

However, if some of us are honest, setting up the profile is about how far as we’ve gotten in exploring this social media network. That could change in the coming year if we really commit to making the most of those virtual connections.

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, president and chief connections officer of Leadership Platform Solutions International, has identified this as one of her goals for 2016. A colleague recently shared an email with me that Holly sent to her connections. “I have renewed my commitment to connect deeper and with more heart, purpose and passion to you my LinkedIn colleagues,” she writes.

She goes to observe that “many of us have lost touch over the years or simply hit ‘accept’ and let that be good enough.” I would agree that, for all our good intentions, this can often be the case. But it doesn’t have to be. As Holly asserts, “In a world that is about relationships, it’s time to relate to each other and support each other in expanded ways.”

I like the idea of renewing and even reinvigorating connections this year. You might take this approach as you take inventory of your professional connections and those of your association as well. When was the last time you really connected with the members of your LinkedIn group? Fonteva For Associations has great features for helping you monitor your members’ engagement or creating your own social collaboration within your AMS.

In general, as I’ve communicated in my first few posts of the year, there’s no time like now to take stock of what you want to achieve in 2016. The opening question of Holly’s email sums it up nicely: “Now that you are back at your desk for 2016, do you have a vision for where you want to go in 2016?
Or is it back to same old same old activities, habits, people and projects?”

It could be time for a change. Show your connections some love and see what you get back in return. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Technology is only as useful as its users.