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Analyze This: Adoption of Cloud Analytics on the Rise

Analyze This:  Adoption of Cloud Analytics on the Rise

According to a recent survey conducted by IDG and published by Informatica, the use of cloud analytics will definitely expand in the near future. Of the 400 IT and business decision-makers surveyed globally, 68 percent said they intend to investigate, analyze or actively plan to deploy cloud analytics Platform Solutions in the coming year. Further, 74 percent expect to adopt a hybrid or cloud-only approach to analytics over the next three years.

Given the flexibility and agility of the cloud for managing large data sets, this comes as no surprise to us. We’ve seen the potential for cloud analytics as we’ve worked with a variety of organizations. As contributor Joe McKendrick observed in a recent article, analytics is a natural fit for the cloud. “Organizations are still dipping their toes into the possibilities, but this is about to accelerate dramatically,” he wrote.

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