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3 Tips for Tackling Data Management & Marketing

3 Tips for Tackling Data Management & Marketing

“Stop paying lip service to data and start actually tackling it.” Corinne Sklar’s recent post for bears this title. And it’s a sentiment to which I can certainly relate. In our experience, some organizations talk a lot about better data management, but they do very little to make sure this actually happens. Good membership data doesn’t just materialize on its own. Associations need to put processes in place to ensure that data is well-maintained.

Good data management policies and practices are particularly important at time when marketing campaigns are only as successful as the data used to implement them. As Sklar observes, “marketers need to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Without trustworthy data, that level of personalization is nearly impossible.” She offers these tips for tackling your data and setting the foundation for marketing success:

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