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Vulnerability and Leadership: Yes, They Go Together.

Vulnerability and Leadership: Yes, They Go Together.

If you are leader in your organization, especially if you’re new in your role, you might think that vulnerability is the last trait you want to show the members of your team. Instead, you think that you need to be authoritative and take charge. In fact, you’ve decided to give the appearance of being as Teflon-like as possible.

Well, according Deb Fullerton, a partner with professional development firm PMA Philadelphia, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do unless you want to alienate your team completely. In a recent post to PMA’s blog, Fullerton made the case that “vulnerability has a clear role to play in building trust with the people you are relying on to collaborate and problem solve with you on a daily basis.” No one expects you to have the answer to every question or the solution to every problem.

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