Technology: 5 Questions Association Boards Should Ask

When it comes to questions about your association’s technology investments, your board members have at least as many questions as you do, if not more. And in general you should welcome their questions.

If they’re asking questions, the likelihood is greater that they are fully engaged in evaluating your association’s technology decisions from a strategic perspective.

Paul Willmott of McKinsey & Company suggests nine “do-or-die questions boards should ask about technology.” I found five of them particularly relevant for associations:

  1. How has IT changed (and will continue to change) the basis of competition in our industry?
  2. What will it take to exceed our customers’ expectations in a digital world?
  3. Do our business plans reflect the full potential of technology to improve our performance?
  4. Is our portfolio of technology investments aligned with opportunities and threats?
  5. How will IT improve our operational and strategic agility?

As we’ve worked with associations to implement new technology, many of their concerns fall into the areas highlighted by these questions: competition, digital/mobile capabilities, and productivity.

Presenting these questions to your association’s board could go a long way towards strengthening its strategic focus on technology now and in the future.