The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Employees to Adopt New Technology

Even if it will benefit them and ultimately make their jobs easier, as a general rule, most people are initially resistant to change. We just don’t like it. We get comfortable with how we’ve always done certain tasks, and the thought of doing them differently can cause some members of your team anxiety. We’ve certainly encountered this type of culture when we’ve helped our association customers implement new AMS systems.

As with any change, it’s important to recognize and address any concerns employees have about a new technology solution. Even more important, you need to explain the rationale behind making the change and highlight all the ways that they will benefit in terms of doing their jobs more efficiently. And let them know they will be supported in making the transition to the new technology solution. We’ve always prided ourselves on providing world-class customer support before, during and after associations implement Fonteva For Associations.

Despite your best efforts, some members of your team may still be skeptical about adopting new technology. In her article for Harvard Business Review, Rebecca Knight highlights some important dos and don’ts of convincing these employees to adopt new technology:



Based on our experiences working a variety of organizations, Knight’s suggestions are right on target. In particular, we know first-hand the importance of selecting a solution like Fonteva For Associations that’s intuitive and user friendly. If you do decide to go with a solution that’s overly complex, don’t be surprised if employees are resistant to using it.