The Leadership Link: 3 Qualities You Need to Be Effective

Leadership, specifically how effective it is within organizations, is a perennial topic of discussion for associations. Because effective leadership is so essential to their success, organizations expend significant resources identifying and developing leaders. That’s also why I’ve devoted quite a few posts to the topic. I think it’s helpful to continue sharing ideas about different perspectives on leadership.

Recently LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner shared his thoughts on leadership when he spoke at a conference in San Francisco. For him leadership means embodying three key qualities:

  1. Clarity—According to Weiner, good leaders are clear about their organization’s mission. He said LinkedIn employees know the company strives to enhance the productivity and economic opportunity of everyone in the world, pushing them to constantly reach more people.
  2. BraveryAs reported by AOL Jobs, according to Weiner, “if you have true vision and you want to try something that hasn’t been done before,” you have to be courageous enough to deal with naysayers and skeptics. He said, “You have to feel it deeply to be able to overcome those challenges and for people to want to follow you. And if you're not authentic in that belief and you don't have true conviction, they're not gonna be behind you.”
  3. Effective Communication—In an interview with Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget last year, Weiner made this observation about a leader’s ability to communicate well affects the entire organization: “The more people you're responsible for, the more your words and the way you communicate those words and your body language and essentially everything you do is taken into consideration by the team.”

Like some others I’ve read and heard, Weiner’s perspective on leadership is worth noting and applying to everyday scenarios at your association. Are you someone who leads with clarity and bravery while communicating effectively?