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Three Ways to Say Thank You from the CXPA

Three Ways to Say Thank You from the CXPA

How hard is it to say, “thank you”? The answer might surprise you. Some customers feel like they don’t hear it enough.

You might have had this experience yourself. You make a purchase, and at the end of the transaction, the store’s employee hands your receipt and moves on to the next person in line. What’s missing from this scenario? A simple “thank you” might have made you even more likely to return to that store.

Most of us have done a fair amount of reading and research about the importance of providing a positive customer experience. Two years ago, the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) hosted the first global CX day. As part of the observance, CXPA asked members to share their favorite ways of thanking their customers and employees. Here are three that caught my attention:

  1. “We made custom photo/letter books using contributions from SVPs to front line employees to thank key customers. Favorite because it's emotionally engaging across the company & with customers.”
    Erin Wallace, John Deere
  2. “For the First Annual CX Day, we gave [our entire] customer experience group a personalized Thank-You note along with a Kind bar from our VP Chief Customer Officer. We coordinated with our VP to personally hand out these items on CX Day. It was a huge hit! We are already planning for next year. Sometimes just a small token of appreciation goes along way!”
    Amber Cates-Anderson, Arizona Public Service
  3. “I am a big fan of buying a thank you gift with their name on it—either as individuals or using their corporate logo. We so often see companies branding gifts with their own logo as a marketing initiative, but if you think about it from the ‘customer experience’ perspective—isn’t it nicer to receive something personalized to you?”
    Lesley Boucher, Pensare Group

The common thread running through all of these ideas is personalization. If your association makes showing customers and members gratitude a “personal priority,” you will be successful in both retaining and recruiting them.

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