What does it mean to be part of the Salesforce economy?

At Fonteva, we put a lot of thought into the platform we built Fonteva For Associations, our flagship software, on. We needed a platform that would provide our customers stability, reliability, and scalability, backed up by an ecosystem of software developers, administrators, consultants, and organizations that are all focused on innovation customer success.

Salesforce proves time and time again to be the best choice for our customers.

Salesforce just released a report that measures the impact of the Salesforce ecosystem, and the results are impressive. The report offers some compelling stats on the future for the cloud that re-affirm our prediction that for association software—Salesforce is the way to go.

1.9M Jobs

“Worldwide, Salesforce and its ecosystem will enable the creation of 1.9 million jobs within the Salesforce customer base from the use of cloud computing between the end of 2015 and the end of 2020.”

Advances in technology are often considered a threat to jobs, and the association industry has been clamoring for a technology solution that eliminates their reliance on IT. But fear not, IT guys. The cloud doesn’t eliminate your job! It gets you a seat at a better table. It leads to better software Platform Solutions that are produced faster, with lower operational costs. It frees up your time to answer the important business questions, and spend less time putting out fires.

$389B GDP

“Over the same period, the benefits of cloud computing accruing to Salesforce customers will add $389 billion in new business revenue, or GDP impact, to their local economies.”

So much of the IT budget for most organizations is tied up in maintaining outdated hosted or on-premise software. In fact, many organizations we speak to have foregone upgrades because of their expense and lack of resources. They are stuck trying to maintain relationships with their members, while using incredibly outdated software. This report shows that when organizations move to the cloud, they can shift their budget to supporting new member benefits, non-dues revenue opportunities, and more!

4M AppExchange Installs

“Salesforce customers have installed apps from the Salesforce AppExchange — the world’s longest-running and largest business apps marketplace — more than 4 million times.”

We are proud to be a member of the Salesforce ecosystem. There are over 3,000 different apps that have been downloaded more than 4,000,000 times, all built on the same platform. This allows are customers to have a network of integrated applications for all of their business needs, as well as a thriving community of Salesforce experts to answer their questions.

We believe that associations have been terribly underserved by their software vendors. Your legacy technology is holding you back. If you have any questions about what the cloud can do you for, contact us. We’d love to talk more about your organization’s future with Salesforce and Fonteva For Associations.

Read Salesforce’s press release, or check out the entire report. Read more about the Salesforce platform in our eBook, “Under the Hood—What’s Behind your Software.”