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Association of Professors of
Gynecology and Obstetrics

Even with an extremely small team and no in-house IT support whatsoever, the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics is able to effectively manage their 1500+ members and events with Fonteva’s easy-to-use association software platform.

Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics (APGO) represents academic obstetrician-gynecologists in the United States and Canada, offering contemporary, applicable teaching tools and learning mechanisms for physicians and educators.

Key Results

APGO now has a member portal that is polished, responsive, and easy to use.

Enabled members to update their own contact information and register for events.

The Challenge

The Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics is working towards a brighter future of women’s health in North America, supporting obstetrician-gynecologists in academia with educational resources and information.

But with an extremely small internal team serving over 1500 members across the United States and Canada, APGO needed association software that could help put their operations on auto-pilot and amplify the impact of their limited resources.

Looking for a platform that could handle everything a modern association needs – without the prerequisite of having an IT team itself – APGO turned to Salesforce® and Fonteva.

The Solution

Fonteva began by taking the time to work closely with APGO and understand their unique ecommerce, communication, and reporting requirements, in order to build APGO their ideal platform that could operate without in-house IT support.

“Our team is very small. With our old system, it was nearly impossible for me to do my job. I felt like I was out in the dust by myself,” says Bonnie Festko, Director of Membership Services at APGO. “Accounting didn’t talk to membership, membership didn’t talk to marketing…if you wanted to pull a report, you had to manually make changes on three different modules.”

But with Salesforce and Fonteva, Festko can do more than ever before, all by herself, without needing to loop in IT or developers.

“Fonteva is very powerful. The reporting is wonderful. Events are attractive and easy. The relational piece is great; if individuals are members but also belong to a larger member organization, for example, I can see that and tackle that 360-degree outreach. And I can do it all by myself.”

Bonnie Festko,  Director of Membership Services, APGO

The Bottom Line

Now, without hiring any additional IT support, APGO’s members are enjoying a modern user experience through the Fonteva Platform. The member portal is polished, responsive, and easy to use. Members are now able to update their own contact information and register for events with easy-to-use self-service tools, freeing Festko and her team to focus on other responsibilities.

“Before, we were manually answering calls and printing forms for frustrated members,” she says. “We haven’t had a single paper registration since moving to Fonteva. I have lots more time to do my main job now.”

But best of all is the operational confidence APGO is getting from the Fonteva Platform, with digital transformation truly making good on its promise of simplicity.

“Now, we don’t launch big events with a sense of dread. We look forward to them as successes,” Festko says.

That’s bringing power to the people, no matter the size of your team. That’s Fonteva.

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