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Jerry Huskins | CEO, Co-Founder
Jerry Huskins

CEO, Co-Founder

Paul Lundy | President, Chief Customer Officer, Co-Founder
Paul Lundy

Chief Customer Officer, Co-Founder

Mac Anderson | CTO, Co-Founder
Mac Anderson

CTO, Co-Founder

Chuck Teubner
Chuck Teubner

Chief Operating Officer

Nicola De Lorenzo

Vice President,

Pat McGlynn
Pat McGlynn

Chief Revenue Officer

Jake Fabbri | Senior Vice President, Marketing
Jake Fabbri

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian Choate | Senior Vice President, Sales
Brian Choate

Senior Vice President,

Suvro Khan

Senior Vice President,
Customers for Life

Mary Hatzilambrou | SPHR, Human Resources Director
Mary Hatzilambrou

Human Resources Director

Jay Daugherty | Vice President, Product Management
Jay Daugherty

Vice President,
Product Management

Dan Buan

Vice President Professional Services

Jerry Huskins – CEO, Co-Founder

In 2002, Jerry Huskins became one of the first 50 consultants to be Salesforce-certified. With his expertise in cloud computing, he has launched several successful ventures, the most recent of which is Fonteva.


As Fonteva’s CEO, he oversees relationships with 170+ customers (whose operations span 139 countries) and provides leadership to 110+ solution engineers, developers, implementation experts and support staff in the US and the UK.


He earned Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Real Estate and a Master’s in Taxation. He grew up at Ernst & Young in the Atlanta accounting and consulting businesses and earned his CPA there.


Paul Lundy – Chief Customer Officer, Co-Founder

As Fonteva Co-founder and President, Paul plays a critical role in driving the company’s strategic focus as well as its messaging, top line revenue growth and customer engagement.


Along with co-founders Jerry Huskins (CEO) and Mac Anderson (CTO), Paul and his team have changed the way associations leverage software to engage members and measure impact. Fonteva builds its applications on the Salesforce platform and is the No. 1 customer-rated cloud-based association software solution on the market.


Paul works with more than 170 Fonteva customers operating in 139 countries, helping ensure they deliver value and relevance to their members and customers. He works closely with Salesforce commercial and nonprofit teams and with key implementation and technology partners to ensure strategic alignment.


Mac Anderson – CTO, Co-Founder

Mac Anderson is Fonteva’s CTO, a role he seemed destined to play since his first job, at age eight, working with databases at a company founded by his parents. By 13, he was developing software for his parents’ data services company. In his spare time, he designed video games, played sports, learned to write music, and fell in love with his guitar.    


After rock-star and extreme-sports fame eluded him, he turned back to his technology roots and rediscovered his passion for all things digital. In his early 20s, he began learning and using the Salesforce platform, then developed applications on it for a technology startup.


He parlayed his Salesforce expertise into a role as senior technical architect at Wipro, a global I.T. consulting and business process services company. He worked on enterprise-scale implementations and customized development.


At Fonteva, Mac has built a world-class team of experienced and passionate developers and engineers. Under his leadership, his team designs and delivers products that can easily be configured to meet customer-specific needs.