The Fonteva For Associations collaboration tool is called Chatter, and it's built to enable a rich and powerful mobile experience. Post to a group, download a file, or update a service case or business opportunity using the Salesforce1 Mobile App from any device. Use custom mobile actions to drive progress forward, wherever you are.

A little more conversation, a lot more action

  • Make any business process social — from sales, service, and marketing to product development.
  • Embed custom and third-party apps to enable expense approvals, document verification, or any other action.
  • Integrate any record or object into the feed, from sponsorship sales to support cases, contacts, campaigns, or any custom object.
  • Create custom actions to enable employees to take quick actions from the feed.
  • Integrate data from any third-party system and present it to employees when and where they need it.

What you should read. Who you should meet. Where you should hang out.

education 1
  • Recommended groups connect employees with colleagues that have similar interests and needs.
  • Suggested experts connect employees together across organizational and office boundaries.
  • Personalized feed presents content selected to meet specific user interests.
  • Suggest files, articles, and topics that meet each user’s stated and observed interests.
  • Rich profile pages display each user’s areas of interest, endorsements for specific areas of expertise, and acknowledgement badges received from other members.