Private Social Community Key Features

  • Enable members to upload images and documents
  • Display/hide committee name, members, roles, discussions, events and documents depending on member status
  • Manage multiple communities from a single database – each branded separately
  • Create and display chapters or affiliations and associated members
  • Built-in eStore for selling books, whitepapers, premium items, etc.
community 1
community 2
  • Call for award nominations and publish award winners in any category of your choosing
  • Members can update key information directly in database
  • Members can track and report on continuing education credits
  • Member public profile links to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Member view of event registrations, attendance, orders, and membership expiration.
  • Create custom content for placement on the community
  • Customizable dashboard widgets display featured events, upcoming events, mini event calendar and recent activity
  • Room information setup (including chair setup and A/R requirements, maximum registrants per room, meals).
  • Calendar of events displayed in community or on your public web site
community 3