Online Member Management Features

  • 360-degree data view for the entire organization
  • Easily manage complex membership pricing rules with a few simple clicks
  • Member “badging” identifies how each member is engaging with the organization to make engagement scoring easy and fast
  • Segment data based on any desired criteria and make views viewable for either public or private users
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  • Track multiple addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses for individuals and organizations
  • View members’ complete history, including membership status, event attendance, committees, orders, renewals, staff interactions and more from a single screen
  • Click on any desired member record to drill down on specific information
  • Conduct electronic commerce transactions to sell products, memberships and event registrations, sponsorships…anything
  • Get a full view of your members and prospects—track interactions and correspondence with or between members and/or other organizations
  • Private or public searchable member directory
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Online Membership and Dues Calculations Features

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  • Designed for trade and professional organizations
  • Set up multiple membership types and custom dues packages for individuals and organizations
  • Establish unique benefits based on membership type
  • Quickly add and invoice new members (and allow amount or percent discounts) from a single screen
  • Automate and report on dues renewals and membership drop processes
  • Automatically prorate dues based on join date for new members
  • Associate memberships with your established GL codes for simplified accounting
  • Set up deferred dues schedule
  • Supports calendar year or anniversary-based dues
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