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Help Customers Minimize Custom Code
Help Customers Minimize Custom Code
Customizations are expensive and can impact upgrades. Fonteva's innovative method for maintaining a lean code base, while providing enterprise level feature will help your customers overcome this issue.
Partner Training
We offer consultants access to specific training, resources, go-to-market tools and technical support.
Fonteva is a trusted Salesforce partner.
Focus on analyzing dashboards not writing custom code.
Write Less Code
Fonteva was designed for easy customization and integrations using drag-and-drop configurations, not code. You can even empower your customers to build their own reports and dashboards.
Efficient Troubleshooting
Easily review errors and exceptions using organized system logs.
Efficient Troubleshooting

Popular Features

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Build an eStore with the Fonteva Product
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Self-Service Customer Portal
Build on the Salesforce Framework
Developer Framework
API Services
API Services
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